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Apply to be a guest host volunteer?


* Must to be 21+
* Must have a valid driver’s license.
* Must have a clean car.
* Must have full coverage car insurance with proof of insurance.
* Must be outgoing, curious, and assertive.
* Must be professional and dress professionally.
* Must NOT have family, friends, or acquaintances present while assisting guest.
* Must attend guest host meeting 1-2 weeks prior to convention or be available via conference call (if out of town).
*Please note, all volunteers must choose a minimum of one shift per day be able to get into the convention that day. For more information or questions please contact John Luttman jluttman@yahoo.com or Dexter Long t3g.dexter@gmail.com.

By submitting a volunteer application, you agree to adhere to Realms Con’s Code of Conduct. *Code of Conduct: http://realmscon.com/faq/con-rules/



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