The Airship Isabella is a mercenary ship for hire.

Through the use of steam powered generators, augmented by a mysterious essence known only as Aether, the crew travels from dimension to dimension, from time to time, completing jobs, causing a ruckus, and “collecting” goods from each individual world. The crew consists of many a rag-tag personality, but together they make a family.

On the flip side of the story, ASI is a group of artists, performers, and visionaries who have bound together to create characters who explore the boundaries of the Steampunk community and a menagerie of worlds to put them in. On their agenda: to create art for others to enjoy as much as themselves, to share their knowledge with those who find it of interest, to encourage people who would otherwise find themselves incapable of creating something wonderful to put their worries aside and realize that – with the right knowledge and tools – they can do it too!

Airship Isabella panel list: (this is a short list of what we do, but if you have an idea that you would like that you don’t see, we are flexible)

Specifically Steampunk:

Steampunk 101
Steampunk 102: So you want to be an airship captain – forming and running your own artist collective/steampunk group
Steampunk safety: How not to become a statistic pursuing the wonderful world of steam! This covers everything from corset lacing to what not to weld.
DIY series: overall, weapons, gadgets, jewelry
Character Building 101: Workshop practicing group character development
Improvising an original character: basic skills to act out your own steampunk character
Building an alternate world: Creating your steampunk universe
Steampunk Media panel
The airship as a business: starting a steampunk business

Not Specifically Steampunk, but relevant:

Costuming 101
Diesel Punk 101

Not Steampunk at all:

Ghosthunting 101

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