Stephanie has over a decade of experience working for theme parks, interactive entertainment companies and conventions as either an artist, writer, performer, director or director’s assistant.
Her varied interests in the arts has lead her to wear many hats over the years. She’s both performed on stage and assisted backstage. Sometimes she’s wearing a costume and sometimes she helps design costumes for others. She has worked as a Director’s Assistant helping with casting extras for film and worked as an extra for movies as well.

In 2006 Stephanie decided to use the skills she learned while working at Universal Studios Florida to conduct her own “creative experiment” at conventions directing a variety of interactive entertainment and games with different collaborators over the years.

This year Stephanie has created an interactive cosplay ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that you can play online and at Realmscon to try to catch “Carmen Stephiego” (parody cosplay inspired by the Carmen Sandiego series) To get a head start follow @CarmenStephiegoworldtour on Instagram.

Stephanie will also be hosting new manga drawing workshops and debuting a limited print run of “The Adventures of Baba Bhalu”. Baba Bhalu is a collaborative comic project she has been working on with fellow comic artist and partner  in crime, Heather Scott and writer Arjun Xanadu. See more about Baba Bhalu at:

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