pandit0 is a Hard Dance DJ from San Antonio, Texas who primarily mixes fast and bright hardcore tunes such as Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore, and Drum n Bass; as well as other underground dance styles Hardstyle, Gabber, J-core, Freeform, Powerstomp, Hardtek, Trap, and Dubstep.  Pandito has DJ’d at numerous underground shows with groups such as Thee Artbeat and Just Don’t Stop Productions (JDS); currently, he represents Texas dance music collective, Hard Dance Texas (HDTX).

A leader in San Antonio’s Hard Dance revolution, pandit0 breaks the EDM walls to bring Happy Hardcore to South Texas’ underground, satiating a need for true rave music that South Texas desired for a long time.  Fueled by the amazing experiences he has with his close friends and figures of inspiration, Pandito refines he skills and styles to reach new levels in his rave showcase.  Realms Con 14 will be Pandito’s anime convention DJ debut.

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