Otaku Acoustic may have been rocking out for only a few years, but in that short time they have made quite an impression on the nerd community.

Otaku Acoustic is a subculture music cover band that performs renditions of your favorite geeky music.

They have been known to entertain the masses at conventions such as A-kon 27, AnimeFest 2016, San Japan 7, AggieCon XLVII, and Comicpalooza 2016 and festivals such as the Houston Japan Festival, just to name a few. Their lead singer was actually invited to participate in a singing competition in Japan, Nodojiman: The World! Their sound makes sure to get anyone and everyone up and dancing, even if they are just passing by. In fact just do it: Google them!

As far as down time is concerned, there isn’t much. When they aren’t working on new anime songs, Otaku Acoustic does work on comic book, Vocaloid, and Saturday Morning Cartoon songs. When they aren’t cooking up a new rendition, each member of the band goes about work, school, and family through the use of their alter egos (which we will not disclose).

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