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    - "@mindy107. Awesome name."View
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    - "Any word on the bands for next year’s concert? Because Steam Powered Giraffe would be really, really cool. [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Steam Powered Giraffe – Musical Pantomime Troupe’ […]"View
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    - "Sorry to all my friends and groups that I have been off so long, but im back and im going to have a lot of fun now :p, I’ll be checking on all my groups soon, and possibly be creating a new group, so everyone look […]"View
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    - "Mission: catch up on naruto, bleach, and watch one piece from episode one"View
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    - "bored as hell over here lol"View
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    - "SO EXCITED! I have been practicing for Sleeping Samurai like crazy!"View
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    - "Are there going to be any other Supernatural cosplayers this weekend? I can only stay for two days, so I’m going to cosplay Luffy on Friday and cosplay as Castiel on Saturday. :)"View
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    - "Snuck into “handlers” backpack, I’m going to the meeting are you?"View
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