• Austin Tindle
    Austin Tindle is an american actor. His birth was foretold by a swallow, in a remote location in Orlando, Florida. At the moment he burst forth from the womb a new star formed and illuminated the […]

  • Gilbert Carrizales
    Born in Sumpter, South Carolina, Gilbert began his musical expedition in San Antonio, Texas during his early teenage years. At 14 he began producing his own music, as well as, djing at local […]

  • DJ Qualls
    DJ Qualls grew up in the small city of Manchester in Tennessee, USA, one of five children. After studying in the UK at King’s College, University of London, he returned to Tennessee where he began […]

  • A cosplay and gaming community. We are a San Antonio local group that loves a variety of genres.
    We do charity events, birthday parties and cons. We are working toward our goal of earning our nonprofit status to […]

  • Multiverse Odyssey
    (formerly Concept Galaxy)

    Realms Con happily welcomes back Multiverse Odyssey to our 2018 show!  Be prepared to be entertained by this interactive performance group comprised of Chuck […]

  • Sephi Hakubi
    Christian Lalinde, better known as Sephi Hakubi, is a progressive DJ, multi-media producer, anime enthusiast, and video gamer from Coral Springs, Florida with a big focus in the Anime Fandom and […]

  • Ame Hakubi
    Laura Catherine Lalinde, also known as Ame Hakubi or Amethyst, is a professional talent manager, graphics designer, gogo dancer, DJ, and voice actress, from San Antonio, Texas who along with her […]

  • Sebris
    DJ, producer, musician, multimedia artist, and the wolf among us, Sebris makes his return to Realms Con for the Saturday Night Rave. Sebris was born and raised here in Corpus Christi Texas where he began h […]

  • Kira Kira Entertainment
    Kira Kira Entertainment is Texas’s premiere pop culture production company whose mission is to celebrate Kawaii culture through the performing arts.  Kawaii is the Japanese word for […]

  • Sergio Guerra
    Sergio Guerra has been creating monsters since he was 5 years old. His love of the classic monsters and 80’s Horror flicks lead him to experiment with all s […]

  • Chris Farrell
    Chris Farrell of Fearghal Blades will be returning to Realms Con to do live forging demos, panels on the history and craft of bladesmithing, as well as, raffle off a custom made piece made on site. […]

  • The Intrepid Productions
    The Intrepid Productions is a small Texas based group that builds prop and costumes. We got our start in this field over 20 years ago working for Haunted Houses in various cites in […]

  • Impact Mobile Laser Tag
    Our vision is to see families play together, creating strong, safe and vibrant communities in our city, and beyond.
    We provide Safe, Fun & Engaging environment for […]

  • Last Chance Forever – The Bird of Prey Conservatory
    Last Chance Forever will be at Realms Con educating on various birds of prey.
    Founded in 1978 by Master Falconer and Veterinary Technician John Karger, Last […]

  • Sam J. Jones
    For a generation of moviegoers, Sam J. Jones is better known as Flash Gordon. Sam’s engaging
    portrayal of the quintessential comic strip space adventurer won over the hearts of millions
    around t […]

  • Attractivision
    Attractivision is heavy electronica and metal remixes from video game soundtracks and soundscapes, from triple-A to the obscure, with video to augment the […]

  • The Intrepid Productions
    The Intrepid Productions is a small Texas based group that builds prop and costumes. We got our start in this field over 20 years ago working for Haunted Houses in various cites in […]

  • Vic Mignogna
    Vic has been acting for stage and screen since he was 8 years old. But his anime career started almost twenty years ago as Vega in Streetfighter II. Since then Vic has been in more than three hundred […]

  • Adrian Paul
    With over 30 films and 200 hours of television experience, versatility, discipline and a solid work ethic have been the underpinnings of Adrian’s very successful 30-year acting career. I […]

  • Josh Grelle
    Josh is a life-long geek and actor with over 200 voice credits in his 10+year career. His favorite roles include Attack on Titan (Armin), Yuri on Ice (Yuri Katsuki), Princess Jellyfish (Kuranosuke), […]

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