Costume designers, artist, prop makers and cosplayers who take pride in making everything from scratch.

This Dynamic Duo have been featured in multiple cosplay magazines like Cosplay USA, and BLEEP Magazine. Listed in 2015 by the Houston Press as Houston’s top 10 cosplayers. Interviewed by Fox News, and Houston Chronicle on how they’re inspired by the characters they help bring to life. They discovered their first con as a fans 8 years ago and only started to cosplay as of 2 years ago. Fans of every creation made and makes character’s who’s heart and soul they resonate with. Cosplays from various categories, from Anime, Comics, and Videogames. Have Won multiple awards in craftsmanship categories and best in show including TBS King of the Nerds. Taught in panels on costume craftsmanship and presentation, leather, thermoplastics, sclulpting, wigs, and more.

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