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    Hello everyone.

    I’d like to announce that for next years panel we be accepting volunteers.
    If you would like a volunteer form be attend the 4/13 meet up or send me a pm after 4/13 to receive it online.

    What type of volunteers do we need?

    – Artists: We need artists for both the Q&A and Danganstuck panel(especially for the danganstuck panel). Anyone who is experienced with making videos, animations, or gifs would be appreciated. The more artists we get the better.

    – Technology People: We need people who actually know what they’re doing with electronic equipment. (If anyone has a projector the panel can borrow please tell me) I’d like to have people who know how to operate mics, speakers, general music tech,(If you can afford to let the panel borrow some of these that would be great, Realmscon doesn’t have a lot they can pass around. We barely got a mic and a speaker last year because I begged) projectors, and a basic laptop.

    – Minions: Ok, ok, general helpers…: We need people do heavy lifting and be our minion…lackey….errand people. If we need people to get us a cleaning equipment, security, or just drinks and snacks for the panelists. Basically minions but still a very important part of the panel, without minions I may end up having a panic attack without the help.

    Thanks for reading guys. Also don’t be afraid to volunteer, I’m happy to accept as much help as I can.

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