Panel Ideas for Realmscon 2014

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    Hey guys I’ve started thinking over some ideas for next years panel(s).

    I’m interested in knowing what everyone else would like to see from us next year.

    I’ve got some ideas for two different panels.

    The first of course a homestuck Q&A. (I don’t mind suggestions for this either)

    The second I was thinking of a Homestuck AU(danganstuck, snkstuck, and etc.) featuring audience interaction.

    Of course the second panel will take alot of effort from all of us but I want to know everyones opinions on this.

    Chloe R.

    If i become a panelist, and since it will be my first time as one, i’m up for it.

    But will both panels be back to back?

    And i’d like to propose another idea, maybe Truth or Dare?

    Literally A Dragon

    Q&A panels are the norm so of course we should do that, with all the games and fun skits and such. I still like the idea of a dance party like we did this year- also we should think about doing more performance-like panels where we sing songs and such. It’s a pretty original idea that isn’t around too much, but of course it will require more effort.

    An AU sounds fabulous too. I think if we do something like that we should definitely write a script and storyline for it.

    I think everyone should check out the Homestuck panel video on youtube titled: Of Gold Rings and Temporal Things

    I feel we could pull off something like that performance and it would be amazing- but everyone would have to be up to it of course.

    We have a whole year to plan so we should give it our all and make next years homestuck panels superb! <wow this is a lot of words sorry guys xD>

    Chloe R.

    Oh yes!!! it’d be cool to perform songs and parodies and such. When i was thinking of a character to be in the meetup, i first thought of Jade and then Tavros (before Aradia). I daydreamed about me (as Tavros) doing Thrift Shop with a Gamzee and a Karkat doing Karkalicious XD

    AND WE HAVE TO KEEP THE DANCE PARTY. It was so fun, even though i wasn’t exactly a Homestuck at the time (I just knew Dave). AND THIS COULD ACTUALLY MOTIVATE OTHER PEOPLE TO READ IT! *LIKE ME*

    Sorry about the enthusiasm, it was just one of my favorite parts of Realmscon. :D

    Literally A Dragon

    Ahaa, yes! I am glad you like that idea because I am going to need a lot of help and enthusiasm to pull it off. See with enough people we can do just that!! :D <is already coming up with ideas> Feel free to come to me if you think of anything yourself, I’d love to hear your thoughts, Chloe c:

    And yes I agree that was very fun, we can even plan it better this year. Have actual stagehands and techs assist with the props and music, have more games and prizes and everything.


    Chloe R.

    oh my gosh, thanks for the enthusiasm. I’m probably going to wear it throughout Realms next year and especially during the Homestuck panels and party.

    Hmm, i don’t really know how we could plan it better, except for what you said, more prizes and games like Truth or Dare.

    I was thinking maybe the music can be a combo of J-pop/anime/popular music and pop (like on the radio). Really, i don’t know what songs they would play at dance party but sometimes, it’s just great hearing songs you hear on the radio, like Avicii!

    If only some of the Homestucks who were panelists this year were active, they’d probably put some great ideas on the table. Whereas me, it’s hard to come up with something…

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