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    Just like the title says, this is a topic to introduce yourself. After all we’re all curious about whos who in the fandom.


    Hello Everyone!!!

    Here on Realmscon Website I’m Alice but my real name is Cristina. Everyone calls me Kat though. (Wow. so much name. why not one.)

    I’m currently 22 yrs old(about 10 sweeps). I’m going to be turn 23 yrs old(10.5 sweeps :::D) during realmscon.

    I’m the host of the Realmscon Homestuck Panel.

    I live in Zapata Texas.

    I’ve attended Realmscon since 2007-2008(can’t remember) that was when Realmscon was still held at the Holiday Inn.

    For last years panel I cosplayed Aranea. (Very sorry for my performance that day. I lost my voice due to talking non-stop during the convention and couldn’t speak much without pain.)

    Other things I’ve cosplayed:

    Lavi from D.Gray-Man
    Mastermind Ishimaru from Dangan Ronpa
    Hiccup from HTTYD
    Gamzee Makara from Homestuck
    Kurloz Makara from Homestuck
    Cronus Ampora from Homestuck
    River Song from Doctor Who

    Upcoming cosplays:

    Pirate Aranea Serket from Homestuck
    Crockertier Jane Crocker from Homestuck
    Kotetsu Kaburagi(Genderbend) from Tiger and Bunny
    Wild Tiger:Soft Bank Version(If I can build the suit..hopefully) from Tiger and Bunny
    Juvia Loxar from Fairy Tail

    The quickest way to get on my good side is free food….I love food.

    I’m a multifandom kind of girl, so please no fandom bashing in front of me.

    Even though I cosplay Aranea Serket I’m actually a Libra. (Maybe I’ll do Red Glare later)

    I’m been known to act like a mother hen and will respond kind of viciously if my chicks are threatened.(No I do not have kids but my friends are very childish)

    I’m pansexual and proud. Single and could care less about it.

    Hopefully thats gives everyone a bit of an idea of who I am. XXXXD


    Hello! My name is Michael, just call me Michael please. Completely new here, wanted to sign up before but I do procrastinate sometimes. I am 28 years old. I live on the south side of Corpus Christi. Lived here most of my life. I currently am in the army reserves (cook) and I go to Texas A&M Corpus Christi, for now anyways.

    And I can’t seem to introduce more self anymore than this : /


    Thanks for starting us off Alice! (Also, what name would you prefer us to call you by?)

    I only have one name irl which is Brittany, but online I’ve been under the username Jewelielie since my first year of the interwebs, so I also go by Jewels of Jewjy by some people.

    I’ve turned 22 last month and I STILL don’t drive, haha!

    My “baby” is Calliope, I adore her so much that she is my first serious cosplay and also the first one I put together 100% by myself from scratch. Also, I maaayyy have picked up some of her emoticons as well. :U

    My first RealmsCon and first convention was 2007, where I went in the most hideous cosplay as Zexion from Kingdom Hearts.
    I’ve also been to Ikkicon, San-Japan, and A-Kon in my earlier years as Xemnas and Riku from Kingdom Hearts.
    I’ve been stuck in RealmsCon-only for a few years with the exception of 2013’s San-Japan, where I first debuted Calliope. ^u^

    RealmsCon 2014 is also going to be my last RealmsCon. Soon after the con my mom and I will be moving to Rochester, New York.

    I’ve been single since the day I was born and loving it. I’m highly introverted and can be hard to contact sometimes because of it, but don’t mistake that for me disliking people! I love to people watch and do whatever I can to bring others a smile. ^u^

    I dabble in a few fandoms, but my sole-mates of fandoms are Kingdom Hearts and Homestuck.

    I spend 85% of my time on Tumblr. You can always reach me at

    Annnndd my #1 skill is rambling over the internet (could you tell?). :u


    I prefer being called Kat when talking face to face. I’m kind of used to people calling me alice online though XXXXD but I’m respond to either. Your choice on what to call me.

    Chloe R.

    My IRL name is Chloe (hence the username) but some of my Tumblr buddies call me Savvy and some of my irl buddies call me Roxy, but I prefer to be called Chloe face to face.
    As of now, I’m 14 but I’ll be turning 15 in May (Taurus, woop woop)

    My first Realmscon was last year, and it was also my first convention. I went as Korra from the Legend of Korra. This year, I’m looking to attend San Japan as well as Realmscon and maybe one more for the 2014 season.

    And I think Alice remembers me because I was the confused Korra at the party on the last day XD I didn’t know who everyone’s names were cause my friend forced me in. But it was quite fun, which started me on my journey in the Homestuck Fandom. I just wished I got to Act 5 sooner so I could actually recognize more of the characters. I only knew Terezi, Dave, John, and Rose at the time -_-

    On my tumblr, I have numerous informal cosplays but only two formal cosplays: Korra and Jane Crocker. For upcoming cons, I want to do Crockertier Jane, Kanaya, (regular) John Egbert, Kankri, Meulin, Sollux and soooooooo much more thanks to my inspirational and versatile wig and my love for meulin.

    I’m sorta an extrovert as well as an introvert (i tend to switch) and I’m single and I don’t care.

    And if you’re a homestuck, you’re already my friend. Duh, all of you guys in this group are XD


    Im Jason
    I”ve attended realm con 2009 and 2013 hoping to attend this year
    I’m 23 turning 24 this year xP june
    I’m pretty quiet and shy around people but once I get to know you I open up more and less shy.
    Hoping to make lots of friends this year im pretty laid back and cool so not one to get upset or anything .
    Single but don’t care prefer making friends or reading books ^^

    also I wanted to attend homestuck but no ride QQ

    Glory T

    My Name is Glory. A couple of buddies call me Glorberta, but i somehow think any online acquaintances calling me that would quickly become uncomfortable, forcing me to take advantage of the situation and rapidly raise my eyebrows (i really cant help that).

    I’m 14, turning 15 in June, however, i often am mistaken for a couple years older (it comes in handy).

    I attend high school in Corpus and have been attending conventions for the past three years. One might describe me as “quirky and full of action” or “Not your average film”. I’m lying. I took those off of movie cases.

    I’m an aspiring artist and author, though if you ever asked to see any of my works id probably hand you a half eaten sandwich and disappear out of sight before you could ask too many questions.

    I currently possess a rose cosplay, original and god tier, an eridan cosplay without makeup or horns(kind of lame), a dave cosplay, a raven(teen titans) cosplay, a pedobear cosplay(i should probably wash that), and i’m starting my work on a terezi cosplay. needless to say, it gets better every time. After seeing the amazing homestuck cosplay last year, i’m going to go all out this year, and construct something beyond description (probably just sort of okayish).

    You could probably identify me by my wild flirtatiousness with anything that moves, and my hair that says “probably a lesbian but it’s too soon to really tell”.

    Never have i been unable to get along with a homestuck, because really, this fandom is kind of cool. Sorry for this huge amount of text, and i hope to see everyone at Realmscon 2014. ~u~

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