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    In reality Ryquell Armstead Jersey , they could be playing with fire.The folks at spotted this passage from the story regarding Oakland’s decision to sign Incognito: “A person with direct knowledge of the situation told that security was stepped up at the Bills headquarters around the time Incognito announced his retirement on social media. Though he wasn’t entirely barred from the facility, security personnel were placed on alert if Incognito arrived, the person said, speaking to the on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak publicly.”As a league source explained it to PFT, the perception/reality regarding Incognito based on his time in Buffalo is that he’ll be fine for an extended period of time, but that he’ll fly off the handle without warning, causing some people to fear for their safety. That meshes entirely with the report that the Bills increased security during the slow-motion social-media campaign by Incognito to retire , to unretire, and to demand his release from the team.Obviously, the Raiders currently believe Incognito is fine, and he may be fine for a while. But what happens if he once again flies off the handle without warning? Will it be enough in the aftermath of whatever he does for the Raiders to say, “Well, we did our homework, we talked to an awful lot of people Christian Wilkins Jersey , we talked to Richie, we told Richie what we expected both on and off the field, we expected him to adhere to that, and by the way you can’t have all Boy Scouts”? Nothing is ever certain until you dot your t’s and sign your i’s. You think you’ve landed that car off Craigslist? Well, until you pay all the money needed for that 2005 Mercedes E-350, you’re going to keep driving your old Pontiac. Once everything is finalized, we can get to celebrating , but we have to be cautious.With that terrible analogy of the way, let’s look at NFL players who were almost certain to go someplace else, but the move didn’t go through. Maybe they failed a physical or the team decided they wanted to go in another direction.We do have a few basic things to note, so keep these in mind:- All of the following entries are from 2000 and on, with several even being from the past few months. Don’t you just love how uncertain the NFL can be?- Players who were rumored to be drafted somewhere (i.e. Sam Darnold to the Cleveland Browns) are not on here for obvious reasons. These are NFL players that were about to sign or be traded to a team before circumstances changed that.- Rumors about players coming out of retirement (i.e. Brett Favre joining the Chicago Bears in 2011) are not on here either.But while Brett Favre isn’t on here, I do know another high-profile quarterback that we can start with.

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