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    Denver Broncos were going in the absolute opposite direction — losing five of their last six contests. The Broncos mounted a comeback in the final minutes of the game Max Garcia Jersey , only to wind up losing 19-17 when Brandon McManus missed a 51-yard kick that could have secured victory.Instead of going into the bye week with a much needed victory, the Broncos endure another heart-breaking loss and move to 3-6 on the season. That’s certainly not the scenario Broncos Country was hoping for. Here are five things we learned from today’s game.1. A different week yields similar and forlorn resultsIt seems like outside of a select few games this season that the Broncos have had the opportunity to achieve victory in the final moments of the contest. Alas, the cataclysm continued with the Broncos enduring a series of self-inflicted wounds that wound up costing them the game. Inopportune penalties? Check. Questionable play-calling? Yup. Missed kicks with the game on the line? Oofta. No matter what week it is, the Broncos seem to always fall short and end up being their own worst enemies. It has been a nightmare of a season, but fortunately there is a one week break from future letdowns on the horizon.2. The Broncos’ continue their trend of turning the ball overThe overarching theme and bane of the Broncos’ offense through the season to date has been their penchant for turning the ball over. That trend continued in today’s game. The Broncos’ stable of running backs hadn’t lost a fumble all year long, but that changed when Booker put the ball on the ground early on in the second quarter. It ended up proving to be a costly turnover, with DeAndre Hopkins snagging a 16-yard touchdown grab against Justin Simmons a few plays later.On a similar note, Vance Joseph’s decision to attempt a 62-yard field goal instead of going for it on fourth down (or punting) in the final moments of the first half proved to be costly. Brandon McManus missed the kick and the Texans’ offense was able to get into field goal range and rack up three more points to give them a six-point lead as the half ended. In the end that was a gamble that didn’t pay off for Denver and one that had a hand in changing the overall outcome of the game.Unfortunately, the Broncos have had at least one turnover in the past twelve games, which is the longest streak in that respect in the National Football League. Undisciplined teams who routinely turn the ball over aren’t going to win many games. That’s a significant reason why the Broncos are 3-6 heading into their bye week and on pace to have back-to-back losing seasons for the first time in over four decades.3. Jeff Heuerman finally has a breakout gameWith the departure of Demaryius Thomas, all of Broncos Country was expected Courtland Sutton to be the next man up and make big plays in the passing game. While Sutton had three catches for 57 yards, it was fourth-year tight end Jeff Heuerman who had a breakout game. In fact, it was the best of his career albeit in a losing effort. The former Ohio State product proved to be an integral part in the Broncos’ passing game and registered a handful of third and fourth down conversions for the team. Overall, he had 10 catches for 83 yards and a touchdown. Not too shabby.4. The Texans’ defense halted the Broncos’ prominent rushing attackOne of the constant bright spots for the Broncos this season has been their dominant rushing attack. Unfortunately, the staunch front seven of the Texans is one of the league’s best against the run. It was obvious that their defensive prowess in the trenches was a significant cause for concern, which is why I outlined it my Scouting the Enemy segment yesterday. Without question, the Texans’ front seven were the victors over the Broncos’ offensive line this afternoon.Phillip Lindsay and Devontae Booker were held in check all game long outside of a 14-yard touchdown scamper by Booker late in the second quarter. The two combined for only 75 yards on 20 carries. Those poor statistics signaled the worst production the Broncos have amassed all year long on the ground with respect to total yards and yards per carry. Royce Freeman will be ready to tote the rock two weeks from today when the Broncos take on the Los Angeles Chargers, but the future consistency of the Broncos’ rushing attack will be questionable given the unfortunate news below.5. The Broncos’ offensive line loses Matt Paradis to injuryThe Broncos’ offensive line suffered another brutal loss when center Matt Paradis went down early on in the game with a lower leg injury. According to Mike Klis, it is believed he suffered a fractured fibula. The franchise had already lost prominent guard Ronald Leary for the season after he tore his Achilles in their loss several weeks ago to the Los Angeles Rams. The loss of Paradis forced Connor McGovern to move to center with second-year player Elijah Wilkinson being inserted to left guard. Well wishes, prayers and a speedy recovery go out to Paradis who has proven to be one of the best centers in the league over the past several seasons.So Broncos Country, what were your five big observations from today’s game? Sound off in the comments section and make your voice heard! We take a peak at the film to find some ways for Denver to use their shiny new draft pick.” Denver Broncos FilmDenver Broncos 2019 DraftTale of the Tape: How Noah Fant can thrive in Denver’s offenseNew,53commentsWe take a peak at the film to find some ways for Denver to use their shiny new draft pick.MDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Tale of the Tape: How Noah Fant can thrive in Denver’s offenseTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailWe always reminisce fondly on childhood memories of Christmas morning, waking up early and eagerly opening the gifts we had been anticipating for weeks as they stared at us from under the tree. But as a kid Dalton Risner Jersey 2019 , I always loved Christmas afternoon, when we would all take the new toys out of the box and play with them all day.As the dust settles from the 2019 draft, fans finally got to see their teams unwrap shiny new toys that they had been eagerly awaiting for months. Now the real fun begins as we (vicariously) get to go play with them.Here at Mile High Report, we’ll be digging deep into these prospects over the next few months, until some real football starts, and talking about how Denver can best utilize each of their new draft picks, and what we can expect to see from the team as a whole as both the offensive and defensive coaching staffs roll out new systems.First up is Denver’s first round pick, tight end Noah Fant. We have already talked about what Fant brings to the table athletically, as he was one of the elite athletes at his position in this draft. That athleticism is a perfect fit for Rich Scangarello, who can deploy him in a myriad of ways to take advantage of it. When asked after the draft how Fant fits into the offense, Elway replied, “I think obviously with the success that [49ers TE George] Kittle had in San Francisco with [Offensive Coordinator] Rich [Scangarello] being out there last year, speed tight ends can be very effective in his offense. He was a good fit for us.”So let’s take a look at one of the main ways Kyle Shanahan and Rich Scangarello used George Kittle last year to get a feel for Fant’s potential here in Denver.Where Kittle had the most impact in Shanahan’s offense last year was in yards after the catch. Kittle led all pass catchers in YAC last year with 870. 63% of his 1377 receiving yards came after the catch, which is extremely impressive for a tight end to edge out YAC monsters like Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley.Kittle averaged over 10 yards of YAC per reception, which also led the league and was a full yard higher than the next closest in the rankings.While there are plenty of other pieces of Kittle’s game to examine, today we’ll specifically dig into how Kyle Shanahan got him open in space to pick up massive chunks of yardage after the catch.MisdirectionThe main premise of the Shanahan/Scangarello offense is based around misdirection, specifically off of a zone running attack mixed with play action. Plays look the same pre-snap and the first few seconds post-snap, then morph into a variety of combinations meant to get the defense flowing one way, while the big play happens the other way.Play #1Check out the play above. Simple outside zone from shotgun with the tight end coming back across the formation to the left.Now look at the play below. Exact same formation and personnel, with the same run action to the left and the tight end coming across the formation.Except this time, it is a play action and the tight end, Kittle is going to leak out into the flat on the field side (wide side).Check out the second level defenders at the mesh point. Everyone is keying run and flowing along with the offensive line to the offense’s left.The slot receiver is going to run a deep post to occupy the deep safety and corner to that side, and the closest defender with his eyes on the play is five steps behind Kittle who has nothing but grass in front of him.Play #2Same idea here. Check out this zone run below Cheap Dalton Risner Jersey , this time from under center.Tight end comes across the formation blocking the backside for the run. (It’s actually a slightly different variant with the RT jumping out on the OLB, but it’s close enough for example’s sake.)Now check out this one pre-snap. Everyone flows right, except the quarterback and Kittle.Every defender has their hips turned towards the sideline and are chasing the play frontside. The receiver on the backside, again, runs a deep post which occupies the deep safety and corner. Leaving Kittle with more green grass and everyone five steps behind him.Play #3Same idea but a little different look at the snap. This time Kittle comes out frontside to block, then using his speed and agility, turns on a dime and runs the crossing to the backside. I can just see Fant and his 4.5 40 and elite 3-cone time feasting on plays like this.Play #4So we’ve seen the backside leak out and the routes designed to take advantage of the defense pursuing the run. What happens when defenses get wise and begin countering this and staying home on the backside?Consider this the counter to the counter. The previous plays all took place on the backside of the play action. But this one is actually on the frontside, in the same direction as the flowing offensive line and run fake.Kittle will skirt down the line as if blocking, then turn it straight upfield.Check out these defenders once they see the play action. They’re not dummies. They’ve been burned by the backside play action twice already, so they’re ready for it this time. Both linebackers and the safety start moving with the quarterback to cut off the backside, while Kittle goes unnoticed.You don’t get more wide open than this in the NFL.Unfortunately for the 49ers, the throw was a little too far in front, and slipped through Kittle’s hands, but it was still a brilliant play and should have been an easy score.The beauty of all these plays is they don’t ask a lot of the receiver or the quarterback. Kittle is a good route runner and separator against man coverage, but he barely had to on these plays, he was so wide open. This is a great example of coaches putting their guys in great positions to succeed.I hope this gets you excited about how Rich Scangarello can use Noah Fant’s speed and athleticism to scheme him open, and let him do the rest. I’m certainly excited about his potential after this quick glance into the offense.Now this is just scratching the surface of Shanahan’s offense, and the ways the Broncos can utilize their weapons, but suffice it to say, Fant is in for a bright future here in Denver.

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