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    Main products:
    Ni-based, Co-based and Fe-based cast superalloy; Material Grade for example: IN713C, IN713LC, IN738, IN738LC, IN939, IN718C, IN731, GMR235, Hayness 25, Stellite 6, Rene80, IN100,etc.

    Product Specification:
    Dia.(30、40、50、70、80、90、100、125、175)mm; L(800~1200)mm Capacity:>2000ton.

    Production advantage:
    Advanced equipments, strictly controlled process, stable production and on-time delivery; Surface treatment such as grinding, lathe lapping and shot blasting are available; Able to provide different length alloy bar according to client’s requirement.

    Product application:
    For aerospace, energy, automotive and petrochemical industry fields; precision cast equiaxed grain and directionally solidified products, turbine blades, tubo-charger turbines, hot-end components, heat and corrosion resistant parts.Super Alloy price

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