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    Sukoshi Con will be hosting a con titled Athens Anime Academy on October 25-27 2013 at
    UGA Hotel and Conference Center at The Georgia Center
    1197 South Lumpkin Street
    Athens, GA 30602

    The Con will be taking place in 62 days passes are up for sell at $30.00 a pass sell ends October 24. Vendor and Artist Passes/Spaces are up for sell now too Vendor Passes are selling at $125.00 plus a fee of $4.12 Artist Passes are selling for $50.00

    I will continue to update you on this con as more info become available.

    Guest for the con are as follows

    Voice Talent: Eric Stuart, and Samantha Inoue-Harte

    Cosplay Guest: Betsy Bon Bon

    Musical Guest: DJ Giant Robot

    for more info on this con and its guest go to

    Also Like us on Facebook at and Please also follow us on Twitter at and


    Athens Anime Academy updates

    Artist and Vendor Passes are sold out that’s right they are gone

    Attendees passes are still selling at $30.00 sell ends Oct 24 so get them while you can

    are you interested in hosting a panel or being a volunteer at this con simple click on this link and on the right hand side of the site click on the Orange Rectangle to sign up as a volunteer or the Red Rectangle submit a Panel idea that you like to run.

    Finally This information is HOT off the press! ATHENS ANIME ACADEMY will be offering a CASH PRIZE for our BEST IN SHOW during the cosplay contest! That’s right. A cash prize!! Money! Dollars! The green stuff! Once we get some more pre-registered passes, we will announce how much the Grand Prize will be! So, if you haven’t pre-registered yet, NOW is the time to pre-register and bring your A-GAME to ATHENS ANIME ACADEMY! You could walk away with a little spending money!

    just a reminder Athens Anime Academy is 32 days away so get your passes.


    Athens Anime Academy news update


    Galactic Quest will be hosting our Tabletop and Collectible Card Game play areas and tournaments at Athens Anime Academy. They also run tournaments for other conventions such as Dragon Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta!
    Galactic Quest is dedicated to providing quality Collectible Card Game tournament support for conventions throughout the South East.
    Our team of directors have the experience to make each convention a great experience for player. There are always plenty of exclusive prizes for winners. Demos for new games are also available.
    Galactic Quest has a long history of convention outreach. We’ve even hosted a few successful New Years conventions! When you go to a convention, don’t forget your favorite deck. We’ll see you there!

    There are 18 days remaining till the con get your passes while you can

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