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    鈥?LMSD Series saw grit diamond is not surface-treated diamonds, it is as-grown diamonds, it shows same characteristics from the outside (surface) to the inside.
    鈥?LMSD is not processed from traditional diamonds in the market, it is specially designed from specific raw materials, long systhesis time and distinctive shape-sorting process.
    鈥?As LMSD series diamonds adopt longer synthesis time, it has longer time for impurity removal,
    therefore it owns less impurities and better thermal stability.
    鈥?Available Sizes: 30/35 ~ 60/70
    Completely regular crystal shapes with highest purity and strength, excellent thermal stability and compact resistance. It is suitable for high power and very high impact sawing and drilling applications.
    Rough surface with grooves, extremely low impurities and high tougness, competely regular shape. Suitable for high grade tools (such as diamond wire, core bit) and single layer tools (brazing and electroplated tools)
    Rough surface with grooves, low impurities, medium toughness, regular crystal shape. Suitable for medium grade tools (such as gang saw, multi-saw, concrete saw blades and segments for big saw blade) and medium grade electroplated tools.
    Rough surface with grooves, low toughness, blocky crystal shape. Suitable for low load tools, like saw blade for cutting soft materials, small saw blades. Also can be used for grinding stones and concretes, etc.
    蹫 Better thermal stability
    The difference between Ti and TTi is very small, it is about 2/3 less than normal diamonds in the market.
    蹫 Lower susceptibility
    LMSD series diamonds contain very low impurities and inclusions, about 2/3 less than normal diamonds in the market.
    蹫 Higher sharpness
    LMSD shows 10-20% higher sharpness than normal diamonds, thus owns a higher efficiency.
    蹫 Longer tool life
    LMSD owns better retention between diamond particles and bonds because of the rough surface, which contributes to higher effective utilization and longer tool life.Saw Grit Diamond

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