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    One of Gordon’s agents , Damarius Bilbo, said earlier Thursday “a strong possibility” exists that Gordon could sit into the regular season in the absence of a new contract agreement.Another of Gordon’s agents, Fletcher Smith, told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday afternoon that Gordon is “prepared to sit as long as he has to.”“He’s prepared to sit, and we’ll take it day by day, week by week and see how things go Garrett Bradbury Jersey ,” Smith said. “But at this time, if he can’t anything done, he certainly won’t be at training camp, and he’s prepared to sit as long as he has to.”Gordon, who is scheduled to make $5.605 million this year, became eligible for a second contract after the 2017 season. He would lose $330 Noah Fant Jersey ,000 for each week of the regular season missed in a holdout.Gordon’s agents remain hopeful of working out a deal with the Chargers, who had no comment on Gordon’s holdout threat. Gordon has not demanded a trade, and the Chargers have not given Gordon’s agents permission to seek one, Smith said.Gordon would prefer to stay with the Chargers, but he’s willing to go wherever for more money.“We’ll see how it plays out,” Smith said. “Maybe he ends up staying where he is right there in Los Angeles. There’s nothing to suggest that he does not want to be there. He just wants to be compensated. He’d love to stay in [Los Angeles] , assuming we can get something done. If not, he’s prepared to move.” The Patriots famously have lived by “Do your job” for years. The Rams have their own saying they are trying to live up to.When Sean McVay arrived in Los Angeles, the Rams debuted their “We not me” T-shirts. The idea is self-explanatory. “Yeah, I’ll probably get in trouble for a trademark,” McVay said Wednesday. “I think somebody else has the ‘We not me,’ so you’re probably going to get me sued probably saying something about it. Nah Drew Lock Jersey , I think really what football represents is there’s something special about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Words are words, but you’ve got to really live it.“. . .Everything is foundationally driven, like we’ve said over and over again, in the relationships. How can you find a way to authentically and genuinely create value for everybody so they know they’re a part of the success we have? I think especially in the game of football to think that any one player or one coach is a part of why teams do things, that just isn’t right. I don’t think it’s accurate. I think what’s great about football is it’s everybody being on the same page.”McVay used Aaron Donald as an example of living up to the motto as the defensive tackle “goes about his business the right way.”McVay defines “We not me” as “the star of the team is the team.”“I think it’s just a huge group of people that are doing it for each other,” Rams quarterback Jared Goff said. “I think when you look at our team — you take Aaron and Todd [Gurley] for example , two of of our better players, and when they can set the example of being two of the hardest workers on our team and two guys who are completely unselfish, that that trickles down. Again, I think that starts at the top with Sean.”

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