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    League is really popular and a bet a large majority of you play it? C: Im learning the game right now, only level 10 but me and friends have a small team going, about 8 members. Who else plays? What role/champion do you like? Whats your summoner name? I want to main support, i like to play Ezreal and Ashe, its feels so great landing the ults from across the map. My username is KandiBunny if anyone wants too add me. (but tell me first or else I might think your just a random person.)

    Tim Wulf

    I prefer mid lane champions my favorite ones would be Viktor and Ahri. Second favorite role would be support with Sona or Nami. My account name is Ktarl feel free to add me if you like.


    @tim wulf, Ill add you c: how long have you been playing for?

    Tim Wulf

    Hmm 2 – 3 months or so.
    I had made a account when it first came out but the never really got into it until recently. I am lvl 26 atm.

    Crystal Velasquez

    League of Legends Tournament:
    *$75 entry per team
    *Best of 1 until finals
    *Double Elimination
    *Live streamed on Twitch
    *RP given out to top 4 teams
    *Medals to top 4 teams
    *Prize pool up to $1000 –
    *Top 2 teams win $$$

    Sign-ups are on the page. Message the page if your team is interested in more information.


    Is the League Tournament only on Friday?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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