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    Does anyone know how to make a latex mask.
    like the kind Robin and Nightwing wear.

    I need something that can stick to my face without the string.

    ive made a few. but they stick out a little. { like theyre to thick or something.

    Im not using liquid latex. or anything facny.

    Any ideas or help?

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    I’d look up tutorials on latex mask making, but I know spirit gum is a good adhesive thats safe to apply to skin? Just don’t get it in your hair, it hurts like hell. (I learned this the hard way lol)

    Lawrence Rados

    I would actually suggest making a mask out of fabric or stiff plastic (ie: a Hobby-Lobby mask), then painting it and attaching it to your face via spirit gum or some other skin-friendly adhesive. Have you also considered stencil-painting a mask using Mehron or Snazaroo face paint?

    Liquid latex isn’t too difficult to figure out, but you would have to make a really decent mold first and that can be tricky. After making the mold, I would use a carefully-cleaned brush to lightly coat the mold layer-by-layer until it’s thick enough to peel away in one piece. Latex is actually fairly easy to cut with scissors, so you could use the above-mentioned Hobby Lobby face mask as a template and cut away all the tags and spare edges after the latex is dry. As for the holes in the face mask mold, when making my Pavi Largo mask, I blocked up the nose, eyes and mouth with cellophane stuck to the edges of each hole with crazy glue on the convex side of the mask. It’s not a perfect strategy, but it worked well enough to make this:

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    well i ended up going with some craft foam :D
    anf to glue it on i use that PURPLE glue stick made by ELMERS
    its very important that you use the PURPLE one. it sticks better

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    Bradford Sylney

    It is interesting to read your blog post and I am going to share it with my friends.

    Herbew Fentos

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