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    Owen Longstrider

    I’ve been watching that new show on the Syfy channel, Heroes of Cosplay. I was wondering if anyone else has seen it. What are your thoughts; like or not like?

    For me, since I’ve been cosplaying for just three years, I like watching it because I get to see more of the cosplay world. They don’t really show or explain any techniques for creating costumes though. But I like the show. :D


    I like the show because I love seeing the other conventions I would never be able to go to but I would really like if they would explain what they used/did to make the cosplays themselves.

    Gul Sher

    I love it….

    GuL on Post


    As the others said I would like it more if they explained how the cosplay was made and didn’t concentrate on yaya’s drama.

    I enjoy heroes of cosplay but they should really consider changing it up a bit.


    I hear a lot of bad stuff from people who have encountered the show while they were filming- that the cosplayers cheat and cause drama and stuff. Personally, I find it insufferable. I think they really misrepresent what cosplay is. But I did go to a party once where we watched the show to make fun of it and play drinking games. So, that was fun. :p

    Owen Longstrider

    Yeah, they tend to just focus on the drama of making the costumes and getting to the contest and their fears about winning or losing; I wish they would put more focus on the creation aspect, they talk about some of the materials they use, but maybe have the cosplayers explain how to properly use the material, some tips and tricks, etc. Yaya Han is like the goddess of cosplay, she could dispense a wealth of knowledge on making costumes!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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