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    Suitable Material
    Sticker productions: diversified electronic, electrical appliance, mobile phone special rubber cushions, silicone rubber cushions, magic tape, electric conductive tape, powerful double side adhesive, suneast, 3M,Sony special binding products. Tapes for backlight screen, electronic industry, IT film switch and car making industry.
    Dustproof materials: cosmetic cotton, camera cotton, high-density sponge, filtering sponge, dust net and on-woven fabric.
    Shock absorbing products: EVA tape, rubber, transparent cushion, PORON cushion, 3M, inflammable retardant EVA, high foam.
    Insulation, EMI: fireproof paper, aluminum foil, copper foil, PVC, PET, brown paper, sponge sheath, pearl cotton sheath.
    Heat insulation materials: silicone sheet, transparent mica, fiber cloth, heat insulation cotton (fabric).
    1. It’s a high precision flat bed die cutter
    2. Material feeding & cutting are controlled by YASKAWA servo motor
    3. Two sides of printed label & longitudinal direction are positioned by three photo-electrical eyes
    4. Cutting, waste wind up, sheeting or rewinding can be completed in one pass
    5. Automatic paper feeding-double photo-electrical deviation control-color mark.
    Standard Configuration for Adhesive Flatbed Label Die Cutting machine machine:
    1.One die cutting stations;
    2. One unwinder;
    3.One sheeter;
    4. Lamination station,
    5.Touch screen, Inverter;
    6.PLC, Servo Motor; Electric eyes

    Main Specification
    Common SpecificationRaw materialSticky productions,Dustprof materials, Shock absorbing products,Insulation, EMI,Heat insulation materials.etc
    Model typeDBMQ-320ADBMQ-420ADBMQ-620A
    Raw material width350mm450mm650mm
    Max.unwinding diameter450mm500mm500mm
    Max.die-cutting width320mm420mm620mm
    Die-cutting length290mm400mm600mm
    Die-cutting speed20-180 t/min20-150 t/min20-100 t/min
    Total power3KW4.5kw6.5kw
    Power voltage380V/220V±10%380V/220V±10%380V/220V±10%
    Weight of machine2100KG2300KG2800KG
    Overal dimension
    ( L X W X H ) mm2600x950x14002600x1100x14002700x1350x1400
    Tension control range3-5KG/Full widht
    Control motorServo Motor (YASKAWA)
    Machine colorMUNCELL NO. F-299002 (User Advice)
    OP Panel colorMUNCELL NO. F-553507 (User Advice)
    WINDERUnwinding & rewinding partAir shaft
    Material outer DiaΦ450/Φ500
    Air-Shaft fixing type3″ Shaft + Adapter(AL or MC nylon) (User Advice)Flat To Flat Die Cutting Machine

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