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    The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference nevertheless recognized the trade as being the best of the year in all professional sports.“I think it was the only award we got last year Johnathan Hankins Jersey ,” Raiders coach Jon Gruden tells Peter King of .It remains a hollow prize, with most non-MIT-types realizing that the purpose of the draft is to turn lottery tickets into rare jackpots, and then to keep the rare jackpots in place without succumbing to the allure of trading them for more lottery tickets. Gruden now justifies the decision not to pay Mack by pointing to this year’s rash of acquisitions.“If we did come up with the money to make the [Mack] contract happen last year, we wouldn’t have any of these men we’re talking about now,” Gruden tells King. “We would not have [tackle] Trent Brown. We would not have [receiver] Antonio Brown. We wouldn’t have [safety] Lamarcus Joyner. We wouldn’t have [linebacker] Vontaze Burfict and we wouldn’t have [receiver] Tyrell Williams. And we wouldn’t have the three first-rounders that we’re talking about.”But that’s not accurate. First, teams can do a lot more with the cap than they claim that they can do. While it’s possible that the Raiders were limited more by cash concerns, it’s not as hard as it used to be to create cap space to permit moves that a team wants to make — especially with the cap going by up more than $10 million every year.Second, as it relates to Mack, the Raiders ended up backed against a financial wall because they incorrectly assumed that Mack would play out his fifth-year option in 2018, and they stubbornly refused to give him a new deal. If they’d realized that he wasn’t going to show up without that new deal, and if they’d paid him before Aaron Donald broke the bank on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, the Raiders surely could have gotten Mack for less than what the Bears paid.And let’s consider what the Bears paid. At $23.5 million per year, they set a new high-water mark for defensive players even while giving up multiple draft picks to get him. If they could have gotten Mack on the open market, they would have paid somewhere between $25 million and $30 million per year for Mack.The Raiders, if they’d properly handled Mack a year ago at this time, likely could have had him for $20 million per year, and maybe even a little less than that. (Before Donald got to $22.5 million annually, the highest-paid defensive player was Von Miller, at just over $19 million per year.) That extra $3.5 million per year would have helped pay for their 2019 free agents.Would they have signed all of them? Probably not. But with Antonio Brown essentially replacing receiver Amari Cooper‘s current and future cap and cash burden, the question becomes whether it makes more sense to have Khalil Mack or Trent Brown Tyrell Williams Jersey , Lamarcus Joyner, Vontaze Burfict, and Tyrell Williams. Even if one or more of those guys could have been signed if Mack hadn’t been traded, it doesn’t take a degree from MIT to conclude that Mack can do far more to impact games and deliver victories than those other four players combined.The goal when drafting players continues to be finding potential Hall of Famers. When a team finds those potential Hall of Famers, the challenge becomes finding a way to keep them around, for a second contract, a third, and maybe a fourth.To truly justify the trade, the Raiders need to get a future Hall of Famer with one of the first-rounders acquired for Mack. If they do, they need to figure out how to keep him. This past Sunday saw the Raiders suffer defeat at the hands of the San Diego Chargers.The Chargers completely dismantled the Raiders under Jon Gruden and gave them their most lopsided defeat so far this season.The team lacked the fight they had brought to previous games this year which is odd considers the Chargers are division rivals.That being said both the offense and defense lacked intensity and urgency save for a few players.Raiders can’t keep Carr cleanThere are a few reasons the Raiders looked like they had no fight in them.First the offensive line experienced some serious shake-up with both Penn and Osemele out injured.Replacing them on the line was Jon Feliciano and Brandon Parker.Parker a rookie in his first start looked like a rookie in his first start and didn’t play as well as he did last week. Also worth noting is Kolton Miller’s sprained MCL that Gruden disclosed after the game.Check out this vicious spin move from Ingram.Try blocking that with a torn MCL.Miller wasn’t mentally or physically prepared to block this rush from the stalwart defensive end. The protection struggled all day.As a result Carr played the way he usually does when under duress and looked indecisive trying to negotiate an unfamiliar pocket.Don’t forget this defensive line is missing their best pass rusher.Yes Melvin Ingram had a great day and made plays against the Raider’s beleaguered blockers. Joey Bosa however is widely considered a super star talent.If Gruden can’t get the rookie experiment at tackle to yield quick results, hope on offense will fade away.Converting on 3rd Down3rd Down conversions have been a sore spot for this offense last 2 weeks. Sunday was the worst day so far.Offensive drive after drive went 3 and out and Carr looked out of rhythm.On this play, Carr gets through his progressions on the right side of the field.As his protection breaks down Carr shows excellent footwork to climb the pocket and before finally escaping altogether. But for all his fancy feet, Carr throws up a duck to his receiver. Roberts has no chance of making an adjustment on this ball having to work back through the defender.Throwing the ball low and inside is a cardinal sin for a deep pass and he’s lucky this one wasn’t picked off.Back in 2016 Carr was almost automatic on the fade ball. Downing ran it into the ground in 2017.And now in 2018 its as if Carr lost his Mojo.The protection isn’t a problem this play and Carr gets the ball out in rhythm. But the pass is too far out of bounds for Cook to haul in for an official catch.Carr’s deep ball placement has always been an area of concern.So far this year has been his worst year and the QB is leading the NFL in interceptions as a result.Defending screensRaiders defensive coach Paul Guenther admitted 55 Marquel Lee shouldn’t have blitzed this play.Lee likely should have “read out” of the blitz and covered the back releasing on a route.This adjustment that Lee is required to make in a split second is one area he can improve as he takes more snaps in the middle.This leaves Leon Hall against 3 blockers, a sure way to punish a defense.Reggie Nelson gets a lot of flack from the media.As Paul Guenther noted in previous press conferences, there are 11 guys out there to blame when a touchdown happens. But on this particular play, its all on Nelson.In this coverage, Nelson is lined up outside shoulder of the tight end.At the snap Nelson sees the San Diego TE Virgil Green show a high hat and pass protect.Nelson bails out to help elsewhere not realizing it was a TE screen all along.Nelson is out of position and unable to force Green back inside, giving him an easy stroll down the sideline for a score.Raiders fans have little hope left after the team’s poor showing in LA.This week the Raiders take on the Seahawks in London.This matchup will be a big test for Gruden to prove that his staff is as advertised and his team can beat a team not named the Browns

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