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    Brodrick Bennett

    Do you remember the first time you cosplayed at a convention?

    I do it was  back when I first started attending RealmsCon.

    I dressed as Urahara from Bleach

    Nurse Chrissy

    I just dressed in a school girl outfit I found at Hot Topic and a panda hat. lol. It was so sad.

    sammy martinez

    this is my second realms con so i am hoping to do my first cosplay. i would love to go as zaraki kempachi that would just rock for me if i am able to do so.


    My first cosplay was of Vriska from Homestuck. I don’t really like her but in my group of friends she is my character. xD So she is a troll and has grey skin, so i painted my self grey. I got wall mart Halloween paint and didn’t even know what sealer was so it was just a big mess, and my wall mart wig was so mangy. Worse. Cosplay. Ever. I think the best character ive done was Misaki from Junjou romantica, even though the wig isn’t as dark as it should have been.

    Also i’m really bad with make up. xD


    I think it was Kyo from Fruits Basket at Katsucon. It was pretty basic. There’ve been a couple since then but nothing outstanding. I need to make something I can actually be proud of. *determination*

    Juan Martinez

    I was a shirtless soldier and thats cause I had a shirt at the start of the day T_T

    Owen Longstrider

    My first cosplay was RealmsCon 2010, I was Ken from Street Fighter. I bought a white martial art gi and cut the sleeves off in small triangles to represent torn edges, like Ken and Ryu’s in the movie, Street Fighter Alpha. I was going to dye the gi, but my mom told me it was polyester, so it would turn out pink! So I ordered a red one online and did the same modifications. The gloves are 1/2 foam padding covered in yellow cloth, and I bought a girl’s feathered-hair blonde wig that I trimmed. I was quite pleased and I got a lot of compliments. :D


    This is my first time cosplaying and I’m going to be The Reaper from Persona 3.


    This will be my second one, but for my first I was Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Carribean. I sewed the entire costume myself..corset and all. This year I am going as Wiccian from Young Avengers. I think the hardest part for me will be perfecting the cape…..


    My first cosplay was Card Captor Sakura at A-Kon in 2010. It was pretty bad ass. ;D

    Macky Pierce

    My first cosplay was at Realms con 2011 as Haruhi from Ouran Host Club. Never stopped cosplaying since then and probably will continue till my old age lol!

    Chloe R.

    My first cosplay was at Realmscon 2013(also my first con!) as Avatar Korra from the Legend of Korra. It went great for my first time despite not having all the pieces be accurate. I even did the cosplay contest because i wanted to show off my skills and i pretty much did the whole thing on improv since i decided to dance with glowsticks to represent fire. I didn’t win the skit section but I had fun anyway.

    I’ve improved since then because I became Korra again for Realmscon 2014 as a personal con anniversary and I’d probably make it a tradition to wear Korra for at least day at RC every year until it doesn’t fit me but idk. I don’t think I’ll wear her that much often anymore because I got into more fandoms (ESPECIALLY HOMESTUCK) and I don’t really have as much motivation as I’ve had since I started. In addition, I’d rather cosplay obscure characters and since I have a cosplay of the Avatar Spirit (Raava) herself, I’d rather be her. Plus, I always like working on Gjinkas (human versions of a non-human character) and non-canon designs because I can pretty much do whatever and I don’t have the pressure to be canon and accurate 0u0

    Mindy Gonzalez

    Mine was last year. I was Medusa. My son said I was missing my sunglasses:/


    Mine was five or six years ago… I think? I was cosplaying as Aerith Gainsborough during my first con- RealmsCon! It was so much fun! ^^


    it was three realmscons ago, i was hatsune miku and i made the costume myself and the sewing wasnt that bad ( shout out to my grandma for that ) but my wig and make up were horrible.

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