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    RQ-DSL-16 Automatic pill counter machine,medication pill counter counting machine

    Introduction of machine
    It is widely used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industry. It is installed two charging hopper, the speed is fast. The automatic pill counter machine can connect with the bottle unscrambler, inserter, capping machine, sealing machine and labeling machine.
    It is used for counting tablet, capsule, gel capsule, pills and other solid granules, such as button, seed, candy and so on. It is the important machine in counting and bottling line.
    Main Features
    1.Wide range applicable, the medication counter is used for many types of solid granule for counting into bottles or bags.
    The material contact part is made of SS316, meeting the health standard.
    Detection function, no bottle will not count and fill.
    Seft-diagnose errors, it will stop working to make alarm at error, and it will show on the touch screen.
    Special hopper mouth structure, which can prevent the material jamming.
    Anti-dust,the pill counter machine adapts anti-dust sensor technology, the machine works accurately with good stability in heave dust condition.
    It adapts world famous brand electric component, which ensure the stable operation.
    Oscillatory type material loading, without damaging the drugs.
    Automatic rise and fall, convenient and fast disassembly without any tools.
    It equipped with the rejection device, which can reject the broken tablet.

    Main Technical Parameters of pill counting machine
    Applicable targetRQ-DSL-16A:#00-5 capsule, soft capsule, Ø 5.5-15table,shaped,sugarcoated tablet and Ø3-12 pill
    RQ-DSL-16B:00~5#capsule, soft capsule,<ф22tablet, shaped tablet, sugarcoated tablet,<ф20 pill.
    Production capacity20~80 bottles/min, 9000~36000 bottles per shift(7 hours)
    Description for production capacityRelevant to variety, size, vial specification and filling level
    Filling range2-9999 grains (tablets) adjustable
    Power consumption220V/50HZ,1.2KW
    Outline dim.(mm)1600*1400*1560mm1800*1600*1560mm
    Net Weight350KG410KGCounting Machine

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