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    EPDM is an Excellent General purpose rubber. Excellent resistance to heat, cold, ozone, and ultraviolet light. This makes an excellent material for outdoor applications. Also has excellent chemical resistance. Excellent electrical and dynamic properties.
    Not oil resistant. Tensile strength of 800 PSI. Durometer 70 +/-5.
    Temperature range: -20F to 220F.
    1.What is EPDM rubber gasket?
    EPDM rubber gasket material is used for parts in the appliance industry; as low pressure boiler gaskets; weather stripping, boots, dust covers, sleeves, mounts. It has a poor resistance to fuels and oils. Specifications of the EPDM rubber sheet available: Polymer: Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer.
    2.Is EPDM rubber waterproof?
    EPDM rubber is a waterproof material that makes it an ideal choice for flat roofs. As the synthetic rubber is compromised of ethylene, propylene and diene, the membrane boasts waterproofing properties that make sure that your roof is protected during rainy and wet periods.China Rubber Washer factory

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