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    CHTR roller linear guideway was design by high rigidity roller, the smoothness of the movement is good which achieves a smooth and noiseless linear motion. it’s high reliability and practicability
    TRG roller guideway adopt a simple and lubricant roller recirculate design with shock resistant circulate accessory– strengthening synthetic resin, it has been greatly improve on the loading capacity, contact stiffness and system rigidity.
    Linear guides are mainly used in mechanical structures with high precision requirements, such as grinding machines, lathes, woodworking machines, handling machines, transport devices, industrial automation machines, semiconductor machinery, packaging machines, etc.
    Data unit is mm
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    Using spectral analysis as a tool to identify the faults in the bearings faces challenges due to issues like low energy, signal smearing, cyclostationarity etc. High resolution is often desired to differentiate the fault frequency components from the other high-amplitude adjacent frequencies. Hence, when the signal is sampled for FFT analysis, the sample length should be large enough to give adequate frequency resolution in the spectrum. Also, keeping the computation time and memory within limits and avoiding unwanted aliasing may be demanding. However, a minimal frequency resolution required can be obtained by estimating the bearing fault frequencies and other vibration frequency components and its harmonics due to shaft speed, misalignment, line frequency, gearbox discount Roller Type Linear Guides

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