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    Dehydration of the onion cell tissue causes changes in the chemical properties of the protein, increased cell membrane permeability, changes in cell structure and function, cellular hydrolysis, some storage substances and some structural substances such as starch, sugar, protein, fruit acids and a small amount of fat Substances, which are broken down into simple substances by the action of enzymes, break down starch into glucose, disaccharides into monosaccharides, proteins and peptides decompose into amino acids, and breakdown of protocaproic acid into gums. The change can be that after the dehydration of vegetables, the flavor is improved, the fresh sweetness is increased, the loss of soluble and unstable components is large, and the loss of insoluble components and minerals is small. From the analysis of chemical characteristics, we can see that the deep processing of vegetables, dehydrated vegetables is undoubtedly a development value of the processing methods, not only to retain nutrients, but also light weight, convenient consumption, storage time is greatly extended.
    Production process:
    Selection → cleaning → chopping → rinse → dehydration (drying) → balance moisture → sorting → packaging → finished product.
    Can be eaten or used as raw materials and auxiliary materials.
    How to use:
    Put it directly when cooking.
    Onions are rich in vitamin C and niacin, which promote the formation of interstitial cells and the repair of damaged cells, making the skin smooth, rosy and elastic, with a cosmetic effect. Contains sulfur, vitamin E, etc., can prevent the formation of lipofuscin pigment from unsaturated fatty acids, and can prevent age Dehydrated Onion Products

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