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    Elvira Garza

    When we are in cosplay at a convention, we feel at home with our own geeky kind, But before and after a convention you still gotta interact with the normal people in public.
    Anyone wanna share a story or two?

    (this applies to any and all cosplay)

    Elvira Garza

    Last year I didn’t get to come to Realmscon, but I did go to another one awhile back. I was Gamzee Makara from Homestuck, I scared the stuffing out of kids and my grandma, and I didn’t even do anything! XD
    My best friend went as a neko school girl, she took off her tail so she can drive and only had her clip-on neko ears on. We were waiting in line at whataburger, and she nearly snapped under the pressure because everyone was watching, (why wouldn’t they?) and tried to take off her ears and stuff them in her purse, and I said “HEY! That’s no fair, I can’t just switch back to looking normal instantly like you!”

    Owen Longstrider

    I don’t have any good cosplay stories, but being in the SCA, I do have several medieval outfits I wear and most people would assume I am a LARPer. One time me and some friends went to IHOP after one of our meetings and I was the only one dressed up. As we were paying, the guy behind me came up, held up a blue Crayon and said “I dub you with this Blue Crayon of Destiny, a 9th level Mage-knight Klingon warrior”. He handed it to me, but I snapped it in half, so he asked why I would break my new “weapon”, I said I had others, and so he said I must be a level 100 Mage-knight Klingon warrior. Normal people, I tell ya. :D


    I was at a rennfair decked out as a pirate wench when it started raining. I had a corset on over my blouse, but it was an underbust, and the blouse was white cotton. I didn’t realize I was giving a nipple show until a lady selling shawls offered me an “emergency discount” so I could cover up.

    Chloe R.

    As a first time cosplayer and con-goer, i had a few mishaps from Realmscon 2013:

    In the cosplay contest skit portion, I was Korra from the Legend of Korra dancing with spinning glowsticks to represent fire and one of the glowsticks flew off near the end but i continued anyway.

    On friday, since my costume didn’t include sleeves, my bra straps stuck out every once in a while so i had to deal with tucking them in until i put the straps together in a racerback style.

    So yeah, that’s it for me, for now. :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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