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    Owen Longstrider

    I have started hearing about existing or up-coming movies based on various Animes and/or mangas, such Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Speed Racer, and Dragonball Evolution.

    What do you guys think about having live-action Anime movies; yes, no, like, not like?

    Are there any Animes/mangas you would love to see made into a live-action movie?

    Owen Longstrider

    I kind of like the idea of live-action Anime/manga movies, you get to see your favorite characters brought to life and realistic versions of the mechs, vehicles, robots, creatures, and special powers/attacks, but…, they have to be done right. For example, I was really excited when they said they were making Dragonball Evolution, but I was disappointed in the final product. Several of the main actors were DB/DBZ fans and said they would do there best to make it good, and while the characters were somewhat close to the originals, I really didn’t feel The Character in their performances. The plot was a little boring, the action could have been better, and they only had one true Kamehameha.

    As for Animes/mangas I’d like to see as live-action movies (if they are done right) are: Gundam, Ronin Warriors, a good DB/DBZ, Outlaw Star, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Big O (that would a good noir kind of movie), and Trigun (I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of any right now).


    I have seen the first Death Note Movie and it was really great.

    Anime Movies


    Some live action movies have been great. Such as Death Note and Sailor Moon. Then some were horrible. Like dbz. So terrible. Ben 10.

    I’m all for live action movies. They are interesting whether good or bad.

    As for Kenshin, I believe there was going to be a drama series. But I think it was based of the historical Kenshin. Gackt was also rumored to be involved as well.

    Owen Longstrider

    You mean Rurouni Kenshin? Yeah, they had one that I think I watched or watched part of it; it was fairly good, but then again it had been a looong time since I same the Anime so I couldn’t give it a good, honest rating.
    I have heard that the might be making a live-action Attack on Titan; I have yet to see the Anime because one, Netflix only has the Japanese dub, and I kept missing the English dub on Toonami so I just decided to wait; but from what I hear, it is good and hopefully if they are making a live-action version, it will be good too.


    Live action giant Ken dolls eating people.


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