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    LUXI NEW ENERGY EQUIPMENT GROUP is a subsidiary of LUXI GROUP, and LUXI GROUP is a large state owned enterprise established in 1992, In 1998, LUXI CHEMICAL GROUP CO., LTD, was established and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code 000830. At the present, the total asset of LUXI GROUP is 22 billion RMB and over 13,000 employees, and has business sections such as Chemical, Fertilizer, Chemical Equipment, New Energy Equipment, R&D and Finance.
    LUXI NEW ENERGY GROUP CO., LTD is committed to production, installation, research and development of natural gas equipment with sound quality assurance system. The company has pressure vessel design qualification of Class A2,C2 and C3 and pressure pipeline design qualification of GB1 and GC2, pressure vessel components manufacture qualification of Class A, Manufacture qualification of of packing and vessel for dangerous material use, vehicle manufacturer license and calibration qualification of pressure gauge and safety valve. The company is approved by management system such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA18001, ISO 50001 and by international product certification such as ISO, ADR, TPED, GOST,MOM, ASME, DOT, and has long term business cooperation with international inspection institutes such as BV, TUV, SGS, LLOYD’S etc.
    Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd adopts the latest and advanced production line equipment in domestic and abroad, has a large punching machine, full automatic CNC bending machine, CNC automatic welding machine, vacuum machine, CNC spinning equipment for mouth and bottom forming, automatic heat treatment equipment. CNC winding equipment, electrostatic coating equipment etc. The company has advanced and full range of detection means, has sound and excellent detection equipment such as helium leak detectors, spectrum analyzer automatic ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray digital imaging system, universal testing machine, punching test machine etc.
    Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd takes natural gas equipment as orientated, which consists of two series, LNG equipment and CNG equipment
    LNG Series : Road tanker for cryogenic liquid, storage tank for cryogenic liquid, ship fuel supply system, skid equipment, gas cylinders for the on-board storage of liquefied natural gas as a fuel for vehicles, welded insulated cylinder for cryogenic use, tank container etc. CNG products : long tube trailer, tube skid container, gas cylinders for storage of natural gas used in gas fueling stations, a variety of gas cylinders for the on-board storage of compressed natural gas as a fuel for vehicle use. Hoop-wrapped composite cylinders with steel liner for the on-board storage of compressed natural gas as a fuel for automotive vehicle, cylinder bundles, pressure reducing device, large capacity steel seamless gas cylinders, large capacity steel liner hoop-wrapped gas cylinder etc.
    Vehicles Product: all kinds of pressure tankers, dangerous chemical vehicle for transport use, running system etc.
    The company provides sincerely the integrated design scheme for LNG & CNG constructions and installation, as well as offer storage and transport services associated installation of natural gas and its related industries
    The sales volume of Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd is increasing year by year thanks for its excellent quality,professional technical service. The products have gained good fame in domestic market and gained good market share in some countries and districts such as Russia, South East Asia, West Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East etc.
    Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd takes the environment protection as her responsibility, orientated by developing,manufacturing and installing green and clean new energy equipment, commitment to build the Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd as the first rate company domestically international brand and most competitive enterprises in the clean energy filed internationally.50-3000m³ Pressure relief Device

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