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    Literally A Dragon

    Me and two of my friends have decided to put together a collective Homestuck Cosplay for this years RealmsCon. If you don’t know what Homestuck is just look it up (but I’m pretty sure everyone here knows)

    I find Cosplaying the Trolls especially to be quite simple and awfully fun. I’ve already made all three of the pairs of horns (Gamzee, Nepeta and Vriska) and it was so easy and awesome, they came out great. Here’s and example of my Vriska horns –> **No the horns are not backwards the camera just makes them look inverted kthxbai

    Then I was thinking, hey, it’d be cool if other people cosplayed Homestuck this year, then we could all meet up at RealmsCon and run around being the amazing representatives of the glorious Homestuck Fandom~!

    So yeah, I encourage all my fellow Homestucks out here to think about cosplaying this year, it’s so much fun and not to much work for something thats gonna be so worth it!

    What about you guys? Think yes? No? Is anyone out there already doing a Homestuck cosplay? o: Tell me all your brilliant ideas~!<3

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