Hello Cosplayers! Ready to strut your stuff on the stage at the Realms Con Cosplay Contest? Well, check out some rules first!

  1. All costumes must be PG-13 appropriate. Remember this is a family convention, pleas be respectful of all the attendees.

  2. During the walk-on portion of the contest, contestants may walk on the stage and strike several poses that must be PG-13 appropriate. The time allotted for this portion of the contest show is about 30-45 seconds per person/group.

  3. During the skit portion of the contest, contestants or a small group will have 3 minutes to perform their skit.● If your skit requires music IT MUST BE TURNED IN AT REGISTRATION ON A FLASH DRIVE BEFORE CONTEST LINE-UP. We will NOT look up any music for you.
    ● Your skit and music will be pre-screened for the following: offensive material or gestures, dangerous maneuvers, and vulgar language.

  4. If you plan on entering the Craftsmanship portion of the contest please be aware of the following rules:● Images of your creative process must be emailed to the cosplay contest coordinator, or turned in at registration, along with a small summary of your process.
    ● The vast majority of your costume must be made by hand. If there are any parts not made by hand, please make the judges aware in your summary.

    Remember, this is a family event and meant to be fun! If you have any further questions, please email realmsconcosplaycontest@hotmail.com.

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