Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell of Fearghal Blades will be returning to Realms Con to do live forging demos, panels on the history and craft of bladesmithing, as well as, raffle off a custom made piece made on site. He is our first Texas Forged in Fire Champion and acted as a weapons expert on’s viral article: 6 Things Movies Get Wrong About Swords.

In 2011, Christopher Farrell began Fearghal Blades to present to the world a non-traditional style of knife-making in which he could explore the craft as an artistic and spiritual undertaking. The blades are one of a kind works using high quality metals and exotic woods implementing 16 years of experience. He built his shop and forge in his backyard. The forge was featured on‘s article “6 Things Movies get wrong about Swords.” The article went viral, obtaining over 3 million views. The article caught the attention of the History Channel’s competitive bladesmithing show: Forged in Fire. Chris competed on the show in 2015 and won the title of a Forged in Fire Champion. Chris continues to build the Fearghal name as a feature at many events such as Realms Con, Comicpalooza, Ikkicon, and most recently, Pennsic War.

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