ATTRACTIVISION is a four-member band and performance troupe which specializes in hard-hitting techno remixes of video game soundtracks and cartoons.

Originally comprised of just one person and a keyboard, the show has grown from a simple recital into an electric, emotional, multimedia production with original video and performance art.

Hillary Adams is a classically trained pianist, artist, and animator who fell in love with video games from an early age. In addition to competing in piano internationally, she has performed in Carnegie Hall six times and released music on Vic Mignogna’s ReVIX album. Hillary is an advocate against domestic abuse and has appeared on CNN, BBC, Anderson Cooper, and The Today Show to spread awareness. She is the founder, video editor, and composer of Attractivision.

Andre Louis Kon is a French-American author, speaker, and stage actor best known for his niche writings and tenure as the host of the gaming/variety channel Gatorbox ( He has contributed featured content for fandom publications SoFurry and Furry N Fuzzy, and his work was featured in the New York City performance art show “Naked Girls Reading”. Over the past decade he has lent his face and voice to a number of independent projects and has traveled to conventions to entertain audiences and lecture to aspiring writers.

David Murray is a programmer and stage actor with a love for drama, singing, and martial arts. A theater kid with the heart of Mr. Rogers, David is the straight man to Hillary’s fire and considers his friends family.

Thomas Rakowitz is a musician from Texas, and his six shooter of choice is a guitar. When he’s not working on his own material, he is composing metal covers of video game music or collaborating with other entertainment artists such as Brian Altano, Max Scoville of IGN, and The Comedy Button podcast team. Thomas’s main motto is to never stop creating.

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