Ame Hakubi

Laura Catherine Lalinde, also known as Ame Hakubi or Amethyst, is a professional talent manager, graphics designer, gogo dancer, DJ, and voice actress, from San Antonio, Texas who along with her husband Sephi Hakubi, perform with a major focus in fandom within the anime and the EDM scene. She is the sub-leader of the AnimEDM collective, Hau5 of Hakubi, and serves as the lead talent manager and administrator for the group.  Ame also works for underground music groups Just Don’t Stop Productions (JDS) and Hard Dance Texas (HDTX) as a promoting partner.

Ame’s mission for a long time has been to utilize her various talents to make the world the better place, which she still continues to develop and execute over time.  First breaking through as an artist in San Antonio, the works and contributions of Amethyst would be featured throughout many of San Antonio’s venues and publications.  Eventually finding her way to a commission of a good friend, she created a logo that would eventually change her life as that logo was for her future husband, Sephi Hakubi.  Ame and Sephi shared the same ideas of PLUR as well as a devotion to the rave scene and their fans; as a result, they’ve joined in business as well as in marriage and worked together to showcase their brand and talents in PLUR culture.  Although Ame primarily works as a talent manager for Hau5 of Hakubi, she is phenomenal talent in her own right as she has DJ’d and lent her voice in story plays, video games, and radio; in addition, danced on the main-stage at events such as Realms Con 13.  Ame Hakubi will be making her official anime convention DJ debut as she will be opening for Sephi at the Friday Night Rave.  In the meantime, check out her voice throughout Sephi’s radio show, Weekly Rave Smash, especially her featured episodes 75 and 76:

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