• Steam Powered Giraffe

    Steam Powered Giraffe

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  • Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    You probably recognize Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa from his many roles in films such as Mortal Kombat, The Last Warrior, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Tekken; and television shows including ST:TNG, SG1, Hawaii 5-0, and Revenge. Tagawa’s feature films spanning twenty-three years have grossed over 1.5 billion in worldwide box office and another seventy performances on television […]

  • Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    The goal of bringing absolute believability to a fictional character, live-action or animated, is what every actor strives for. Those committed to their craft that combine experience, passion and skill are likely to succeed. Those gifted with exceptional talent who focus on maximizing their potential by finding their own niche, quickly break apart from the […]

  • Cara Nicole

    Cara Nicole

    Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl is world-wide cosplay sensation. Cara has pushed the limits of cosplay as an artform by creating books, appearing on national television, radio and being the model for Magic: The Gathering’s Emmara Tandris card. Cara has worked for Marvel and Big City Comics at San Diego Comicon. With all her success, Cara […]

  • Alfred Trujillo

    Alfred Trujillo

    Alfred Trujillo is a Mexican-American comic book artist and writer. Alfred has worked for Zenescope Entertainment, Big Dog Ink, Chameleon, Moonstone and many more. Alfred co-owns 183 Degree Studio, co-creates the independent book Project: Shadows and has illustrated covers for various independent titles. He travels the country to exhibit at comic book conventions promoting art […]

  • Maurice Lamarche

    Maurice Lamarche

    Voted “Most Likely To Be Someone Else” by his high school classmates, Maurice LaMarche has been doing character voices and impressions since his childhood. He started actually getting paid for it at the tender age of 19, when he began performing standup comedy at Toronto’s “Yuk Yuk’s” comedy club, launching his career at the same […]

  • Eric Wile

    Eric Wile

    Eric Is a Game Designer who worked for both Verant Interactive and Sony Online Entertainment in San Diego, California. He has also worked with Big Idea Interactive and SCEA (Sony Computer Electronics America). A job with Verant Interactive prompted a move to San Diego from Denver in 2002, Where after a few months, the company […]

  • Sam de la Rosa

    Sam de la Rosa

    Artist Sam de la Rosa, native Texan, became a full-time comic book professional in 1982. That year he worked on Action Comics, Green Lantern, and World’s Finest starring Batman and Superman. He then caught the eye of Marvel Comics and worked on Hercules, Spider Woman, and Spiderman. Sam continued with more work on Captain America, […]