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    Howdy, I’m Suzie. But you can call me Flame or Flamey.
    I paint stuff. Ponies and Pokémon.
    I’m going to be cosplaying Misty at the con c:


    Hi my name is Anthony! I create and write comics. I will be in Artist Alley with CCP Comics with my new book SUPER CRAZY ANIMAL HAND! It’s about a Japanese school girl who can turn her arms into any kind of animal arms and her sidekick, NINJAPLEGIC, the martial arts master in a wheelchair.

    Please stop by and say hi! I can’t wait for all the fun! This sounds like it’s going to be a blast…


    Hi everyone! My name is Audrey! This is going to be my first time to attend Realmscon if I am lucky. I can’t wait to go and see everything!


    My name is ariel. And if u continue reading, then prepare to be dissapointed.
    I’m not special. I draw, but i never show anyone because i don’t like attention.
    I like cosplay because i can pretend I’m someone else, i can pretend i have friends. I cosplay because its the only time i feel confident. Look for me as genderbent kankri, and mabye say hi.

    Madison Reeves

    Hello! MY name is Madison and this my first year at Realmscon. I am 14 years old and I will be cosplaying as Chihiro Fujisaki (Dangan Ronpa) and if I can get the cosplay together in time, Mary (Ib). I look forward to making new friends!


    My name is Michael, this is my first Realmscon. 29 years old and I’ve lived in Corpus most my life, just never had a chance to go to any of the previous ones. This year I will be cosplaying Iron Man Mk 43 from Avengers 2. If I can get it done properly. It won’t be anything amazing, since this this is only my 2nd cosplay ever, but hopefully it still comes out decent by the time I am done.


    Hello everyone! My name is Ivory, but feel free to call me Jack, or something like that.
    I am currently 16 years old and I am kind of shy when it comes to new people, but once I get to know you I can be really open about my feelings and stuff like that.
    This will be my first year at Realmscon and I am so incredibly excited! I have always loved the art and spirit of cosplay. This year I am hoping to do two cosplays, one of which being Bertholdt Fubar from Attack on Titan and the other being one of my OCs Jack (As in Jack the Ripper. Scary huh?). More than likely I will end up just being Bertholdt.
    I hope I get to meet all of you!

    Tim Reddell

    Hey everyone…name is Tim…but go by my middle name Lucien…first time ever attending anything like this…besides going to PAX East once…so looking forward to it and hopefully meeting some new friends…originally from corpus and been back for about 6 months after getting out of the navy after 6 years.


    My name is Lexus but you can call me Lexi ^^

    I’ve been going to Realmscon ever since I was a teen and I’ve met a lot of nice and interesting people.
    I enjoy cosplaying and anything to do with art.

    This year I will be cosplaying Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers, and perhaps Sora or Riku from Kingdom Hearts 2 OR Vanitas from (of course) Birth by Sleep~!

    Say hi or come talk to me : D

    Mindy Gonzalez

    Hello my name is Mindy. I have the privilege of taking two of my four kids to Realmscon again this year. This will be the second year taking my son as Lil BDK. He saw BDK for the first time three years sgo and just fell in love with him. Last year he cosplayed BDK and was a hit. We r hoping to expand his cosplaying this year.

    Rita Hernandez

    Hi!! I’m Rita Hernandez! I’m new!and this will be my first time at realms con!:D I love DBZ, Pokémon, and sailor moon!

    skylar pierce

    I’m sky and i’ll be at realms con this year as my own version of a human/female chain chomp…hopefuly
    So look out for me ;)
    last year i tried my own version of a human female bob-omb. Maybe you remember me?
    ive been going since..i think i was 13
    im currently 21


    Hi, I’m Christine! I’ll be going for my third (I think) year this time, and you’ll see me as Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle! I will be with Howl. Two years ago I was Princess Mononoke, although last year a lot of things happened and I wasn’t able to cosplay or enjoy Realmscon as much as I wish I could’ve. This year I hope to make up for that!! See you all there!


    Hi, I’m Elizabeth! This will be my first time at this convention, and actually my first time going to Corpus! My husband and I have done several conventions this year– San Japan, Anime Overload, Alamo City Comic Con– but we’re really looking forward to this one :) The guest list is certainly impressive!
    If we are able to finish our costumes in time (husband works 72 hours a week, I do about 50) you’ll see us walking around as Luke Triton and Professor Layton.

    Madison Reeves

    Hello! I already introduced myself on another thread, but I changed up my cosplay plans last minute (like I always do… Actually just ordered the rest of my stuff right now for them but Prime is a wonderful thing!). This will be my second year here, hearing of this con thanks to Steam Powered Giraffe. This year I will be cosplaying as a human version of Chica from the first Five Nights at Freddy’s and Touko from Pokemon White/Black! Last year I was Chihiro Fujisaki from Dangan Ronpa and Mary from Ib, and I hope to meet more people this year! Sadly my dad will not be cosplaying, but he is a fellow fan of SPG!

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