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    Realms Con

    This is just a thread to introduce yourself to all your fellow board peoples and maybe make friends before the con!

    Brodrick Bennett

    Hey Everyone

    Name’s Vanddel

    Real name Brodrick

    I’m the guy you see selling tickets at the door these past couple years. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

    Have fun at RealmsCon!

    Madam Merluvli

    Hi, I’m Alexandria, but you guys can call me Alex. :)
    Um, I make animation videos with 3D models and hope to show them off at a panel featuring Vocaloid and UTAU stuff sometime
    Oh, and I like to cosplay too!

    Nurse Chrissy

    I’m Nurse Chrissy. ;p I provide First Aid at the con and hand out lollipops. ^^

    Meredyth Ilse

    Hey there! I’m Meredyth, also known as Athalia Swale Watson (my alternate identity XD). I’m usually one of those awesome volunteer type people that you usually see hanging around doors and attempting to keep frantic fans from storming the castle…er…panels. Don’t worry, we have trouble containing our excitement too. If anyone is in need of a costume, especially steam punk/diesel punk themed costumes, corsets included. Can’t wait for this year’s con and hope to meet some more awesome people!

    sammy martinez

    hi my names ArcArrow, aka sammy. i was one of the volunteers whom helped set up the ballrooms and raves for the con. i am hoping to go this year in a cosplay costume. it was my first con last year and it was a blast so i am hoping to have fun again this year. this year i get to bring my son. now that me and my ex are seperated and i have him so super excited to take him hes gonna love it


    hello im canine but my real name is hidden. i will be attending realmscon. it will be my first time there. im also hoping that my group Sith Shadow Council Of Texas is able to make it (which reminds me can someone point me to that person that is in charge of tables?) and if they arent make sure you find a guy with an orange saber that looks creepy as hell

    jason r

    i remember meeting the sith shadow council a few years ago up in san antonio… oddly im redoing my sith… and btw. im jason and i have been around since realmscon began


    Hey i’m Kandi, ill be moving to texas next month because my dad (enlisted in the Navy) is being re-stationed. So I plan to go to realms con with my friend Ashley, who will be visiting that month. Ill be cosplaying Panty and Stocking with her one of the days, and haven’t decide what ill be the other days. I enjoy yaoi and most anime, also play a few video games. See you all in October. ^^


    Hello, I’m Thomas. Mostly shy at meeting new people, but after the whole shy phase. I’m a funny and stupid guy. Mostly nice and happy. I been volunteer for a while, well mostly like two years soon to be three. I’m planning as cosplay as The Reaper from SMT Persona 3 & 4, but with a little twist or change. Love to meet new people and learn new things from y’all. Let’s become friends :D


    Tried saying hi everyone put it wouldn’t let me post last time, but hey everyone. I’m pretty new to this, I’m originally from Corpus Christi


    Hey there, I’m Sir; college student and one of the many common attendees at Realmscon. I draw comics for fun and I can NOT travel anywhere without music or distracting sound. I like watching anime, playing videogames, and swimming.

    @Kandi: Panty and Stocking are awesome!

    @Thomas: I’m going to find you and get a photo of the Reaper! (Whenever I started hearing those chain sounds I’d run terrified to the next level.)


    HELLO! My name is Snarks, and I’m actually a shark.
    Half of that is a joke.

    I actually wasn’t at the convention last year due to work, and it will more than likely be the same for this year for the same reasons unfortunately. Eventually I’ll be able to go again. ;u;
    I attempt to draw comics, but I stick more for illustration.
    I like deer, plants, sharks, and cartoons.

    Owen Longstrider

    Greetings, I’m Clayton; I’ve lived in Corpus all my life. There is far too much to say about myself here, so to be brief:

    I’m a proud King Mustang, recent graduate of TAMUCC, and future high school teacher ( I hope). I have a lot of hobbies, including chainmail, drawing, writing, and other hands-on crafts. I like to cosplay(only RealmsCon so far), with a few costumes; Ken from Street Fighter, Link from Zelda: Twilight Princess, and my new one, Link the Barbarian. Probably the most important part of my life is that I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a historical reenactment organization that focuses on medieval Europe. In the SCA I am Lord Owen Longstrider; an armored combat fighter, archer, chainmail-maker, and Youth Combat supervisor/coordinator.


    Hi, my name is Chelsea, I will be hosting the swap meet this year!
    If you have any questions about the swap meet please feel free to send me a pm.

    This will be my second year of attending Realmscon. I don’t really cosplay myself, but I like to make costumes for my younger sister who comes with me. Last year my sister was cosplaying as gala Fluttershy and she won the CUTE award in the cosplay contest. This year she wants be Rainbow Dash.

    I also plan on bringing my bjd to the con , anyone else bringing theirs?

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